Can You Reuse Scented Candle Wax? Find Out Here!

Can you reuse scented candle wax? The answer is a resounding yes!

This blog post will talk about can you reuse scented candle wax and how to do it. It includes tips on what can be done with the old candles as well.

When you have a fragrance that is no longer your favorite, it can be hard to know what to do with the old candle. It may not seem right to just throwing them out because they are still somewhat usable.

Here’s our guide on what to do with leftover candle wax:

Can you reuse scented candles? Hot Tip: Scents can be stored in a cool, dark place like the back of your fridge for up to two years. If you have some leftover wax that’s not quite as fragrant or has lost its scent altogether, follow these steps for how to revive it.

The freezing method

The freezing method can be a good way to reuse old candles. This technique involves removing the wick, and then storing it in an airtight container or plastic bag.

 After that, you will insert your candle into a bowl of water (or some other cold liquid) with ice cubes for five minutes before stirring up the waxes when they start to thicken after cooling down again.

 For this process, we recommend using food-grade paraffin wax because beeswax is not suitable for this kind of recycling due to its quality as well as toxic emissions from burning it at a high temperature which may cause health problems if inhaled over time.

 When taking out your candle, make sure you use gloves so that you don’t get any wax on your hands.

 The wicks can be reused up to 20 times, so it is a cost-effective way of getting more mileage out of old candles and saving money at the same time!

The melting method

Some people can be lazy when it comes to melting the wax in a scented candle. They may just throw away the old, used putty and use new one with each time they light up their candles.

Others are careful about not wasting any of this material for making those wonderful smelling aromas that fill up our homes and make us feel so cozy on cold winter nights.

The boiling water method

You can reuse scented candle wax by boiling a pot of water and submerging the jar or container full of used candle wax in it for at least 30 minutes.

This will melt away any remaining leftover wick residue that’s left on there, but don’t leave anything else like paper towels or plastic wrap sitting on top because these things can cause the molten liquid to splash out over everything.

The boiling water method is a great way to reuse your scented candle wax. Boil enough water so that you can fill the bottom of an empty pot, and then put in the wick from your used candles into it.

Be sure not to touch any hot parts with hands or utensils because this could cause burns! Once the water has cooled down (usually after about 30 minutes), take out the wicks and pour off all excess liquid—now they’re ready for another round of use!

What is wrong with reusing spent?

If you want to reuse your spent candle wax then there are different opinions out there as to what is the best way to do it.

Some say you can simply scrape off all the leftover bits from previous burns and mix them together until it becomes a liquid form again before pouring into another container or jar for storing.

This is a relatively quick way and probably the easiest of all.

What should you do if your wax has started to solidify?

On the other hand, some say that when candlewick is on the verge of burning out or it already has then people can pour their leftover spent wax into coffee mugs or small containers with lids before refrigerating them overnight until they cool down completely.

This will allow for easy remelting in another container without any risk of spilling over onto anything else because it is now solidified again.

The next day put back into its original scented candle jar and use as usual like nothing ever happened.

Can’t make up your mind which one to choose?

Both ways work but there are also other ways to reuse your candle wax if those two methods didn’t work out for you.

Other options:

You can also pour the leftover spent candle wax into small jars or containers with lids and freeze them overnight until they are solidified again, then remelt in another container without any risk of spilling over onto anything else because it is now solidified again.

The next day put back into its original scented jar or tin like nothing ever happened.

Or you can cut up a piece of cardboard into squares about an inch wide and place one on top of each wick before lighting the candles so that when they burn down all the way there will be plenty left which can be reused as usual by pouring it straight from the can or jar into the candle holder.

Or you can use a pencil to put a small hole in the bottom of your airtight glass container, then pour some melted wax and seal it up with plaster of Paris like before when pouring hot liquid wax onto paper.

The only difference is that you’ll have an opening at the very top which will allow for easy removal because all the wax inside has been solidified from storage overnight.

Other alternatives:

You can also reuse scented candle jars by simply washing them out with soap and water after they’ve served their purpose!

For this method, however, be sure not to get any residual soapy residue on the outside surface (which might lead to frosting) as this could cause the wax to not adhere properly.

Tips for using leftover scented candle jars:

Some great ideas are storing small items like jewelry, screws, and nails, or even use them as old-fashioned pencil holders!

You can also fill the jar up with stuff that’s been in your fridge too long – this will create a lovely DIY refrigerator deodorizer which is sure to come in handy during hectic holiday times when it seems everything has gone bad at once. Plus you get a nice homemade Christmas present out of it all!

If you have any leftover wax crumbs from cutting up a candle then simply add them to the top of an unlit one. This will create instant votive candles!

Candle wicks can also be reused when they are not too dirty and start to fray at the end – just cut off what remains with scissors. Give it a light trim if necessary but don’t worry too much as this is more aesthetic than anything else. Tie on some new string (waxed cotton thread or embroidery floss) and use like before.

Lastly, many people might remember seeing in their grandmothers craft room that there was always old jars handy for storing buttons, ribbons, and all sorts of other supplies. An old canning jar or even a large glass tumbler can become the perfect container to store smaller items such as matches, crayons, paintbrushes…

Now it’s time for you to get creative! The answer is anything your imagination desires because what doesn’t turn into something useful?

What Scented Candles Actually Work? Let’s Find Out!

There are many scented candles on the market, and they all claim to provide a relaxing environment. But do any of them actually work?

The answer is that it depends on your personal preference! 

Scented candles are usually marketed as a way to improve your mood, or help you relax. However, not all of them work the same way- some scents can be too strong for what they’re trying to accomplish.

Scented candles can be a nice addition to any room, but they often fail to produce what they promise. They smell great for the first few minutes and then it’s back to your standard candle scent.

At best you’ll get a hint of lemon or lavender every now and again if you’re lucky…but even that is usually fleeting. So how do scented candles work? And why don’t all of them have those promised long-lasting smells when lit?

Why scent doesn’t always produce what it promises:

A candle can have a scent that smells good in the jar but what you get is something different.

This is because some scents are more volatile and evaporate faster than others do.

For instance, citrus notes tend to be less stable so they don’t make it across the room like vanilla or sandalwood does.

When you purchase a candle online, this may not be an issue since there’s likely to be at least one person with knowledge of candles who has written about how well their fragrance travels before deciding whether or not to buy one themselves for home use.

You could accidentally turn down your nose at just about any given smell if it doesn’t suit your needs due to its intensity as much as anything else (especially if you’re not in the room).

You may have to try a few different fragrances before you find one that works for your living space and preferences.

It is also possible, of course, that no fragrance will work well enough for what you want it to do without making things worse than they were before by adding something else into the mix–like when someone spends all day working on a clean house only to come home and light some candles or burn incense because their nose can’t take the normal scent anymore.

Most Popular Candle Scents (best and strongest candles compared)


This is one of the most popular fragrances in the candle world because so many people love its sweet smell; however, if you don’t like floral smells then jasmine probably won’t do much for you other than just making your house smell nice.

The best uses for jasmine would have to be before bedtime when someone wants a calming atmosphere but isn’t looking for aromatherapy


This scent is probably the most versatile because it can be used to help you sleep, give off a relaxing feeling and even create an energetic atmosphere depending on what type of candle you use (lavender essential oil in a tea light for example would help with insomnia while lavender scented soy wax candles are great for bedrooms).

It’s also one of the best scents to have around if someone has allergies since it doesn’t contain any allergens itself.

The downside is that some people may find lavender too strong so they should only include this one sparingly or mix it with other fragrances like vanilla extract which will make your home smell delicious without being overpowering.


Lemon isn’t just a citrus fruit, it’s also one of the best scents to clean with. The same principle goes for lemon-scented candles which can help you create an inviting atmosphere and get rid of any odors in your house like cooking or pet smells without being overpowering as well.


Peppermint is great because it has such a strong smell that will always fill up a room quickly but won’t be too overwhelming at all (making this very kid-friendly).

It not only smells good but provides lots of benefits as well including calming effects and improved focus so while you’re getting work done on holiday break after lunchtime sugar crash, just light up some peppermint wax tarts!


Vanilla smells sweet and rich with hints of spice. There’s no specific meaning behind vanilla but some say it makes them feel more relaxed while others describe it as fresh smelling and “clean.”

Balsam Cedarwood:

This fragrance combines cedarwood notes with aromas of citrus, bergamot and other herbs. It is said to be both grounding and uplifting at the same time which is why many people find it so pleasant.

Orange Blossom:

This scent can remind you of your childhood while also bringing a sense of warmth into your space like that from an evening campfire. The flower has been used in different cultures for centuries as well, always being seen as a sign of happiness and celebration.

Cinnamon Spice:

Cinnamon spice has a warm aroma with notes reminiscent of baked goods or spicy apple cider simmering on the stovetop. A perfect wintertime fragrance!

How To Get The Most Out Of A Scented Candle:

Light the candle and allow it to burn for a while before blowing out. This will ensure that your scent is released into the room.

Keep in mind that if you are sensitive to smells, it may be best not to light the candle at all as some scents can cause headaches or nausea.

Do what makes YOU feel good!

It’s important to find what really works with your body chemistry because everyone has different preferences when it comes to smell.

Plus, don’t forget about allergies- make sure you read labels of candles carefully and do not lit any scented candles around pets or children without first checking whether they’re safe for them too!

Choose the right candlewick.

The wick is what carries the flame to the wax and controls how quickly it will burn.

There are two types of wicks: those made from string, which can be braided or twisted into a coil; and cotton rope that has been dipped in some form of oil (such as paraffin) then wound around a metal rod for stability.

A larger diameter candle requires a thicker wick, whereas smaller candles require thinner ones.

Choose your size first. It’s also important to know whether you want an open flame or not because this type of wick isn’t always necessary if there won’t be any interaction with air once lit.

 Choose a candle with the right kind of wax.

Pick a candle that has soy wax as it burns more cleanly than other types of candles.

Candle scents like apple and cinnamon are popular during the fall season, but don’t forget to check out what’s in store for winter!

If you’re looking for a fragrance that will light your room with its aroma, consider what kind of candle wax the scent is in.

Choose from a wide variety of candles, including soy wax, beeswax and even natural bayberry.

 Only light your candle once every 24 hours

One of the most important things to remember when using scented candles is to only light your candle once every 24 hours. This will ensure that you use less wax and keep your room smelling fresher for a longer period of time!

Keep the flame away from moving air.

In order to get a strong scent coming off of your candle, you’ll want to make sure that it is burning in an area where there isn’t too much movement.

One way to do this is by placing something underneath your candle so that the flame can burn without being disrupted. If you are using a wax taper, try putting it on top of some sandpaper or another textured surface which will allow for better heat distribution and help prevent excess smoke as well.

 Keep your candle dust-free.

Candles can get dusty from the wax cleaning process, so keep yours dust-free with a quick vacuum.

Clean your wicks regularly to maintain their shape and effectiveness.

Turn off your candles before you go to bed or leave home for an extended time period. When they are lit unattended, they’ve been found to cause fires in 16% of cases — one reason why fire departments recommend avoiding them altogether when children are present or making sure that all flammable materials like curtains have at least three feet of clearance around them while burning.

It is important to understand that not all scented candles are the same. Some of these products will have a waxy feel, while others may be softer and more like wax. They can also vary in terms of how quickly they burn or their scent throw. In order to make sure you get value from your purchase, it’s best you do some research before committing to anything.

How To Make Scented Olive Oil Candles? Learn Here

Making scented olive oil candles is a great way to make your home smell wonderful and give it an inviting vibe.

For a clean, relaxing scent that will keep your house smelling fresh and inviting all day long, try the olive oil-scented candle.

This natural soy wax candle is infused with pure olive oil to create an earthy yet floral aroma.

Whether you’re looking for something to fill up a larger room or just want to enjoy the calming fragrance in smaller spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms

These homemade candles are perfect for gifts, as well!

In this blog post you will learn how to make scented olive oil candles with three different methods: using a candle warmer, using a votive holder, or making them in jars.

So get ready to mix up some of these DIYs and show off your new skills!

What is Olive Oil Scented Candle?

It is a candle made from olive oil in which scent has been added. Olive oils are usually used as the base for candles because they burn longer and more cleanly than other types of oils such as soy or safflower.

A scented candle works by using scents to produce pleasant smells, often with fragrances that match a type of mood like happiness, relaxation, love etcetera.

The scents can be natural essential oils extracted through steam distillation or simple fragrance compounds produced synthetically in factories.

They work similarly to how air fresheners do but on a larger scale indoors since they release their smell into the environment instead of just being confined within small spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

What you will need for olive oil scented candle

  • olive oil
  • wax flakes or paraffin wax
  • flavor oils (citrus, lavender)
  • glass jars with lids for the final product.
  • a double boiler or saucepan with a pot on the bottom,
  • and a glass bowl over top.


  1. On medium heat in the middle of your pan add all ingredients for wax flakes (or paraffin if you want to make it the old fashioned way).
  2. Stir occasionally until melted for about 15 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat.
  4. Pour into jars while still hot then allow to cool before putting lids on them so they don’t crack.
  5. Place candles in an area that is safe for open flames such as outside or near windows where there are no curtains nearby that could catch fire due to heat radiation from candle flame.
  6. Turn the jar upside down after letting it set up overnight so oil can pool at the bottom of jar.
  7. Pour olive oil into jar until it’s about three-quarters of the way full.
  8. Add your favorite essential oils to desired strength and pour a little more olive oil on top just like you would with filling up a bottle of liquid soap.

What type of container is best for storing homemade candles?

Storing homemade candles can be tricky, and there are many different opinions on how to do it best.

It is common for people to use mason jars or glass vases that they have saved from other purposes.

But if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to store your scented olive oil candles, here’s what we recommend:

Buy some inexpensive baby food jars at the grocery store (or make these yourself). Make sure they are wide mouths so you can easily pour in and out of them. These come with lids which also work great as a top cover when storing away your finished jar candles!

How long do olive oil candles last?

Olive oil candles can last anywhere from a few days to nearly 100 years

The time that an olive oil candle lasts depends on how often it is lit, and whether or not they are exposed to direct sunlight

Olive oil is not a short-burning candle, and can last for an average of about 45 hours.

The scent may be lessened after some time due to the heat from the flame.

Additional tips:

  • The most important thing about making scented olive oil candles is the scent since that’s what people associate with them.

So choose your favorite fragrance or makeup one of your own if it isn’t available by using an appropriate part from this list:

  • calendula flowers,
  • cinnamon sticks,
  • citrus peels (orange and lemon),
  • lavender flowers,
  • lilac blossoms,
  • rose petals.

You can also add these oils in order to achieve different fragrances:

  • anise seed,
  • bay leaves,
  • clove buds,
  • coriander seeds.

Olive Oil candles are not meant to be left burning continuously; they need some time off after being lit too long

  • Check out candle making kits that have all the materials required for you
  • Olive oil candles are a great way to add scents and light into your home without using any harmful chemicals, and they make perfect gifts too!
  • Leaving the candle lit for too long can cause it to melt or burn unevenly and also that you should check out some kits which have all of the necessary materials in them so you don’t need anything else – this is a great way to save time when wanting to create your own homemade present!
  • Olive oil candles are not meant solely as decoration pieces; they’re perfect for adding light and scent into any room without using chemicals such as paraffin wax. These kinds of candles are also great ideas for gifts because people will appreciate these things more than flowers everytime!

If you’ve been looking for a candle that smells like olive oil, this article is perfect for you! Olive Oil scented candles are trending right now as they create an aroma that soothes your senses while also filling up any room with warmth and comfort.

What Are The Best Selling Candle Scents? Here’s Our List!

Do you love the smell of candles? Us too! A scent can transport you back to a time in the past or give off feelings of affection and comfort. 

There are so many scents to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones to buy.

That’s why we put together a list of what are the best-selling candle scents for you!

We think these options will make your shopping experience much easier. So without further ado, let’s get started on this blog post!

What is the best type of candle to buy?

The first thing we need to figure out, it what type of candle would be perfect for you.

There are three different types of candles:

  1. Pillar,
  2. Jar
  3. And tea light candlesticks.

When choosing a size, keep in mind that larger candles generally last longer than smaller ones but require more wax per hour because they burn at a lower temperature.

Tea lights have a shorter life span so their brighter flame means less time burning before they need to be replaced.

Our Top 10 Most Popular Candle Scents

  1. Lavender essential oil is great for calming your nervous system and relieving anxiety.
  2. Peppermint smells like winter, but also can help with headaches from stress or migraines by opening up sinuses.
  3. Vanilla is perfect if you want a warm comforting scent that’s been shown to ease feelings of depression. It’s also known as being an aphrodisiac which gives it some extra points in our book!
  4. And who doesn’t love citrus?!
  5. Grapefruit not only has a really nice smell but it can also be used against colds and sore throats when mixed with other oils such as clove or eucalyptus. It’s also been shown to help with insomnia and anxiety.
  6. Lemon Verbena – Soothing and refreshing, this clean lemon scent invokes memories of old-world Europe. The perfect balance between freshness and floral sweetness with hints of green tea. This fragrance oil drifts in like an afternoon breeze blowing across sun-drenched fields, just before rain washes away the heat for another day; Fresh lemons mixed with linden blossoms on a bed of rich soil moistened by morning dew beneath tall trees shaded from hot midday summer suns; A cool evening walk down country lanes lined on both sides by towering rows of fragrant peppermint plants.
  7. Lilacs – An elegant, popular fragrance. Sweet, yet delicate with a hint of greenness and powdery notes in the background. Lilac is an overwhelming favorite among women everywhere! A clean floral bouquet that smells like springtime!
  8. Fresh Cut Grass is an invigorating and revitalizing scent with hints of lemon, lime, and green notes. It reminds us of the outdoors when everything feels new again!.
  9. The most popular scent is honeysuckle. This sweet, floral aroma fills a room with its delicate fragrance and has been linked to feelings of love and happiness. It’s no wonder this candle is nearly always in stock!
  10. Cedarwood & Juniper Wood has hints of berries, citrus, pine, and woody notes that give it an earthy yet uplifting freshness. When we put these two scents together they were the perfect blend- masculine enough for him but feminine enough for her too!

Some Facts About Scented Candles

  • They come in a variety of scents from fruity to floral and woodsy. Some people like the smell of black licorice, but not everyone does.
  • Many candles are made with natural ingredients such as soy wax or beeswax since they emit less soot than paraffin candles.
  • The fragrance oils used can be non-toxic which is good for your family’s health.
  • And when it comes to scented jar candles, some have been found to contain lead wicks which could release harmful particles into the air that you breathe in through your mouth and nose while burning these types of candles. Be sure what type of candle you’re purchasing!
  • Candles need flame contact between an inch below the top of the wax to a half-inch above it.
  • One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add fragrance is by simmering your home with an open potpourri dish in one area or opening a jar of potpourri near candles so that you can enjoy both at once!
  • Oils such as rose, lavender, peppermint, and lemon verbena help create an inviting atmosphere where guests feel at home.
  • Mixing different scents with candles for aromatherapy is both soothing and energizing because these oils have been shown to reduce anxiety levels by up to 68% while boosting moods.
  • Create a mixture of your favorite oils and store them in an oil diffuser.
  • Add tea lights to simmer pots with different essential oils for an even more intense experience.
  • Aromatherapy can be great for both family members and guests alike: it’s also been shown that having certain scents at home can help reduce symptoms associated with mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc. These studies have found the following soothing fragrances to work well: lavender or chamomile; citrus scents like lemon or orange; peppermint or spearmint.

Here are some tips for creating different scents in your home:

  • If someone likes cinnamon, try using holiday spice oil from Yankee Candle®. It also has notes of clove, nutmeg, allspice berries, and ginger root which will make any room smell like Christmas without being overpowering.
  • And if you prefer peppermint, there’s Winter Wonderland™ – layers of red velvet cake topped with creamy frosting, peppermint bark, and crushed candy cane.
  • If you’re looking for a lighter scent, try an unscented candle like the Yankee Candle® Unscented jar. Made with soy wax and cotton wicks it will burn cleaner than paraffin candles – perfect for those who are sensitive to scented products or have allergies that react poorly to certain fragrances.
  • If you’re looking for a garden scent, try the Yankee Candle® Gardenia & Jasmine jar candle. This bold and beautiful fragrance has hints of jasmine with fresh notes of spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, and lilies to make your home feel as if it just stepped outside on a sunny day.
  • For smaller rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms, we recommend using more delicate scents because they won’t overwhelm small spaces or fabrics like sheets and curtains.
  • In larger areas such as living rooms, hallways, and offices with open space for air circulation, stronger smells can create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Lastly, consider what your space needs before choosing a candle fragrance. A bedroom might benefit from softer scents while an office might need something more powerful and rich.

Here are some popular candle scent combinations you may want to try when creating your own blends:

  • Lemon and ginger
  • Orange, lime, and cedarwood
  • Green apple, lemon-lime, or tangerine scents mixed with fir needles.
  • You may also want to try using essential oils like lavender, chamomile, peppermint and spearmint.
  • Bergamot can be a refreshing scent for the home in early springtime (or all year round if you’re lucky enough to live in southern California!) It’s often mixed with lemon or orange blossoms for an added floral element.
  • Some people enjoy scents that mimic their favorite holiday memories: cinnamon sticks combined with cloves is one example of this idea! Some other popular winter smells include vanilla bean; nutmeg and gingerbread.

Scent memories are powerful things!

How To Make Pumpkin Spice Scented Candles? Our Easy Guide!

Who doesn’t love the smell of pumpkin spice? It’s one of those smells that just screams fall!

You can feel your body start to relax as soon as you take a whiff.

We all know how hard it is to wait until October for the next batch, so we found a way to make our own at home.

This blog post will show you how easy it is and give some tips on how you can get an even better scent!

Pumpkin Spice Candles


  • Beeswax (You should be able to find this in any craft store)
  • Eucalyptus essential oil OR Pumpkin Pie filling if making candles with wicks. If using votives or tarts, you can use either.
  • Votive or tart forms (votives are better if using a flameless votive instead of the traditional wick)


  1. In a double boiler melt your beeswax with some clean water until it is fully melted and combined.
  2. Add in your essential oil for fragrance
  3. Dip your votive or tart form into the wax to coat it evenly. If not using an electric burner be careful how long you dip them as they will start to drip after being dipped too far! Also make sure that when dipping them, you have enough wax on hand before doing so as this could lead to disaster later on down the road
  4. Let these candles cool off completely before using.
  5. If using a flameless votive, use the mechanism on top to light it up and enjoy!


  • Always make sure that you are buying beeswax from reputable suppliers as not all wax is created equal. Beeswax contains calming properties that help with relaxation so if possible include this in your candle-making process. Other options for candles would be soy or palm oil (more eco-friendly) but these have a different scent than beeswax does.
  • It’s really important to use the right type of essential oils when creating any kind of scented product because they will leave behind an odor even after they’re done and gone! For pumpkin spice candles, I recommend mixing cinnamon bark, ginger root, nutmeg, clove, and allspice.
  • Mix these essential oils together in a bowl with some water to dilute them before you add them to your melted wax. Too much of any one oil will leave a scent that is too powerful.
  • If using an electric candle warmer, plug the unit in and wait until the coils are hot enough for your candles (usually about 15 minutes). Place votive on top of platform slowly so as not to cause spillage. Allow to stay lit for at least three hours or overnight if desired!

This is how I like my pumpkin spice-scented candles because they have lots of time to really fill up my home with this delicious aroma…it’s amazing!

How To Make Cinnamon Scented Candles? Find Out Here!

At this time of year, many people want to enjoy the smell of cinnamon in their homes. Oftentimes, we associate that scent with baking cookies and other holiday treats.

You can get that same comforting feeling by making your own cinnamon-scented candles!

All you need are a few simple ingredients and some wax to make these wonderful aroma-therapy candles at home.

What is a cinnamon-scented candle?

Cinnamon-scented candles are designed to fill the room with a soothing and warm scent. They emit an inviting aroma that makes people feel at home and relaxed.

Burning cinnamon-scented candles is also said to be helpful in relieving stress, depression, anxiety, muscle pain, or fatigue.

Cinnamon has been used for centuries as a spice to add flavor and fragrance when cooking meals.

It’s also thought of as being one of the world’s oldest spices because it can be found on archaeological digs from ancient Egyptian tombs where it was discovered among other medicinal herbs believed to have healing qualities.

In addition to their use in fragrant candle creations, you can find a cinnamon available ground or whole sticks in many grocery stores. Be sure to store cinnamon in an airtight container away from heat and light as this will cause the spice’s flavor and fragrance to fade quickly.

DIY Cinnamon Candles

You will need:

  • A pot, at least one liter in size.
  • Cinnamon sticks / Cinnamon Oil
  • Vinegar or lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • Vanilla extract (optional)
  • Wax of your choice


  1. First, start by measuring the wax. You will need a total of four cups of beeswax to make one dozen candles.
  2. Then, you’ll measure out your other ingredients: two tablespoons of cinnamon oil and six teaspoons of vegetable oil or white wine vinegar.
  3. Mix these together in a bowl using a whisk until they are combined into an even mixture before pouring this over the melted wax (if it’s not already).
  4. Stir with a wooden spoon for about five minutes after melting the wax so that they combine well. Once everything is mixed thoroughly, pour them into molds!
  5. You can also color the candles if desired – use either food coloring paste or liquid dye for best results when doing this step.
  6. After filling all twelve candle holders with their new contents, let them cool for about ten hours before you’re able to remove the candles from their molds.

Once they have cooled, it’s time to package and share your new creations! You can tie each candle with a ribbon or other decoration if desired, but make sure that this is done in such a way that there will be no chance of injury as these are hot items when ready.

You’ll also want to include some information on how to use the product: “To light your cinnamon-scented candle, simply strike one match at the base of the wick.”

If you’re giving these out as gifts-to-be, then consider using mini glass jars instead so that recipients get more bang for their buck. These small containers make for the perfect gift, especially if you’re looking to pack a sweet something with holiday cheer.

How To Make A Bleach Scented Candle? Here’s Our Guide!

If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY project, then this bleach-scented candle is perfect for you! All it takes is a few supplies that can be found in your local craft store.

The best part about these candles is how inexpensive they are to make.

In the blog post, we will discuss how to make one from start to finish, as well as how much money they cost per candle.

What is a bleach scented candle?

A bleach scented candle is simply a normal candle with household cleaner mixed into the wax. The best type of cleaner to use for this purpose is dish soap, but any kind will work.

Dish soap can be found in most grocery stores and costs around $0.50 per bottle.

It’s recommended that you only mix about one tablespoon of liquid dish soap (or other detergents) into three cups of melted wax so as not to overwhelm the smell or ruin your candle holder.

The ingredients needed are:

  • A regular tea light wickless votive glass jar
  • One cup soy-based paraffin wax flakes (colored if desired)
  • Two tablespoons vegetable oil *optional
  • fragrant oils can also be added
  • One small container of bleach


  1. Mix the paraffin wax flakes and vegetable oil together in a bowl
  2. Place the mixture into a glass jar on top of an electric stove
  3. Turn up to low heat, but do not turn it too high as this could cause the container to crack or break. Melt slowly so that bubbles don’t form inside. Stir occasionally until melted all the way through (this will take about 20 minutes)
  4. When done, pour out any excess liquid onto the newspaper outside or in the sink. The leftover solid should be slightly cooled down from heating but still soft enough for stirring when needed without breaking apart easily which means you can move around freely with your spoon – if not return back to the stove briefly while stirring frequently.
  5. Place the wick inside a small glass cup or container. Spoon in wax mixture until it’s about two thirds full
  6. Add desired scents and colors to the liquid soap and stir well, then pour into the candle jar; this will add fragrance to your room for weeks!

Do not mix too much at one time in case it spills over and becomes dangerous or impossible for you to clean.

Is bleach safe to use in Candles?

Yes, bleach can be used to make candles. We use a mixture of water and chlorine as the base for our candle making because it provides an excellent fragrance when mixed with wax.

We recommend using a large container to mix the bleach and water, followed by pouring into smaller containers to use as molds. This way you can reuse your molds instead of wasting time mixing up new ones each time.

Why you will love bleach scented candles?

Bleach scented candles can be a great alternative to traditional scents. It’s chemical-free and many people find the scent pleasant.

The candle is also safe around children and pets, so it is perfect for houses with kids or animals that are easily distracted by smells like food cooking in the kitchen or perfume on the dresser.

Bleach scented candles are very simple to make and there is a variety of ways you can make them. One way is by using the essential oils that come in bottles found at natural food stores or home improvement centers, but if you don’t want any foreign chemicals near your candle then this might not be for you.

Another option is to mix up some water with white vinegar which will give it a bleach scent while still being chemical-free.

You may also just add lemon juice from lemons that are peeled in order to get more of the citrus smell.

Bleach scented candles are an interesting new trend that’s been popping up on the internet. People seem to be really enjoying these odd smells, but there is a downside to them as well. 

How To Make Volcano Candle Scent With Essential Oils? Learn Here!

When you think about the perfect scent to make your home smell amazing, a volcano candle comes to mind.

These candles are often scented with an earthy aroma from essential oils such as lavender, clove, cedarwood, or pine.

These candles can be found in many different homemade stores and craft shops, as well as online at sites such as Amazon or Etsy.

In addition, they come with some of the most detailed instructions on how to use them properly – sometimes even including tips about how long you should burn them before refilling them so that you get more out of your candle!

This blog post will show you how to make your own Volcano Candle Scent using essential oils and wax for a custom fragrance that is sure to please!

What is a Volcano scented candle?

A volcano-scented candle is often used as a natural insect repellent. It can also be used to provide relief from nausea, headaches, and other symptoms of motion sickness.

The scent of the volcano candles will help you feel refreshed in mind and body after a long day at work or school. Volcano scented candles are great for meditation because they produce calming sensations that go beyond relaxation to promote peace within oneself.

It’s perfect for those who have trouble focusing on one thing at once.

They are also good if you need something else than an air freshener to get rid of bad smells around the house like pet odors, smoke damage, strong food aromas, and more.

Volcano scented candles are made by adding fragrance oils to molten wax and then pouring the hot liquid into a mold. After cooling, these well-known scent throwers produce an aroma that many people find irresistible!

These fragrant candles can be used in any room of your home or office. They also make excellent gifts for friends and family during the holidays or other occasions throughout the year.

Volcano scented candles are also a great option for people who want to make their own volcano scent.

And if you are an essential oil lover, you can make a diffuser blend that smells just like it to use every. Freaking. Day.

Here’s how you can create them at home:


  • paraffin wax (one block),
  • essential oil blend, wick (one length) *Note: Essential oils come in different varieties such as citrus, floral, spice/herbal, etc., please choose your desired scent
  • candle mold (glass, metal, or silicone)


  1. Cut the wick to a length appropriate for your candle holder.
  2. Add two teaspoons of paraffin wax and one teaspoon of essential oil blend to the bottom of the glass candle jar; set aside.
  3. Melt remaining wax in a double boiler until liquid.
  4. Remove from heat and stir in additional fragrant oils as needed (about 15-30 drops per ounce).
  5. Once everything has been mixed together, pour the melted mixture into the chosen container using a funnel – just enough so that it creates an even layer with no visible surface bubbles on top. The mixture should smell pleasant but not too overwhelming so as to overpower your senses while you are burning them later. 
  6. Allow candles to cool completely before handling them!


It’s best to find two matching mugs that hold about 16 ounces each so you can use one as a pot and one as a container for storing the finished product in case it spills over during the heating process.

The containers should be made from glass, ceramic, or metal rather than plastic because they are more durable when heated on high heat. For safety purposes always remember to wear protective gloves!

Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the room where you’ll be melting your ingredients before turning on the stove.

What essential oils smell like a volcano candle?

  • peppermint – this is a great oil to use if you are looking for something that has chilling or cooling effects
  • cinnamon bark – a good choice when you want an earthy smell. It’s also perfect as the holidays approach because it smells like Christmas trees
  • lavender – Lavender can be used in many different ways, so this makes sense and will cover all your bases with scents
  • orange – because it’s perfect for the holiday season

If you want to create your own volcano candle scent, be sure to have these essential oils on hand.

Remember that in order to get a true sense of how the different scents will smell when mixed together, try using just one at first and then add another or two.

And don’t forget about blending with water! It can help bring down some harsh smells while bringing out more subtle ones.

A little goes a long way so only mix what you need and remember not to overfill any container!

Some companies offer premade jars of wax that have been mixed up into the perfect consistency needed for these type of projects (making it much easier if you aren’t confident in your recipe). You could try mixing this jar’s worth with essential oils to create a concentrated smell that will last a while.

How To Make Tea Scented Candles? Here’s Our Guide!

Often people want a candle that has the scent of tea, but how do you make a tea-scented candle? Making your own scented candles is not an easy thing to do, but it does have many benefits.

Scented candles have been a favorite way to fill your home with fragrance for years now.

However, many people aren’t aware that you can make them yourself!

Making tea-scented candles is surprisingly easy too.

What is a tea-scented candle?

A tea-scented candle is a type of candle that has strong aromas and can be found in many different types.

Tea scented candles are specially made with ingredients containing properties to help create an environment for relaxation, peace, or concentration.

Tea scented candles are often made with specific tea leaves, herbs, and spices.

They can also be made from the essential oils of different types of plants that have fragrances associated with relaxation or peace.

All you need are the following materials:

  • A jar or candle burner of some sort (this can be any size)
  • Tea leaves in whatever flavor you want the candle to have
  • A saucepan and water (depending on how big your jar or burner is)
  • An electric stove
  • Beeswax pellets
  • A wick
  • Wax dye (optional)


Step One :

A jar or container for your base liquid – this can be water, soy sauce, various oils or other liquids; it does not necessarily need to be tea-related but should complement the type of fragrance you want in your home. You could even try using vinegar if you like a more natural smell!

Fill glass jar(s) with water that’s been boiled on the stovetop and left to cool down (this will also help control the strength of the scent).

You will then combine this liquid with any items that contain strong aromas such as freshly ground coffee beans or peppermint extract (both of which will also help control the scent and how strong it is).

Next, add your favorite herbs or teas leaves. You can do this by using one teaspoon per cup of boiling water if making just one candle; two teaspoons for two cups of water; three teaspoons for three cups of water, etc.

Step Two:

Now you need a wick. If you’re using an electric candle warmer then the wick should be metal; if not, take any string that has been cut into thirds (the length of what you want for your candles) and tie one end tightly around one end of the top of each jar with a knot.

Then attach some weight at the other end so they are suspended in water/jar without touching bottom – there’s no point burning yourself!

Now just wait until they have soaked up enough liquid before lighting them! You can make these jars as long or short as you like depending on how many jars you use, how thick the wist is, and how much liquid they soak up.

Allow the jar to sit in a cool place overnight or until the liquid has soaked up into the candle.

Step Three:

If desired, add any extras like dried fruit peel or coffee grounds to give it a different scent altogether!

Finally, wait until the candles have soaked enough before lighting them.

Remove and enjoy your candles!


If you’re using more than one jar for this project make sure they are lit at safe intervals so that all jars will be burning well together by the time they need snuffing out.

Enjoy a warm home with tea scented candles!

How To Make Leather Scented Candles? Learn Here!

Do you love candles? how about the smell of leather? Do you love both? But, how do you make a leather-scented candle?

This blog post will teach you how to make leather-scented candles.

Leather is a popular scent for candles, and there are many ways to achieve this fragrance. We’ll explore the easiest way that doesn’t require any expensive ingredients or equipment!

What is a Leather scented candle?

A leather scented candle is a type of novelty candle that typically has the strong and earthy smell of fresh, new, or lightly worn leather.

They are often used to evoke memories from days when people would bring in their saddles for repair at your local saddle maker’s shop.

The scent can also be said to invoke images of cowboys riding off into the sunset on horseback with their chaps still smelling like freshly tanned hides.

What you will need:

  • A container to melt the wax in
  • Wax of any color but preferably black or brown
  • Beeswax pellets, chunks, flakes, or pastilles (not liquid) – these can be found at most craft stores for less than $20.00 and are a better quality product that’s easier to work with
  • Some types of fragrance oil such as leather scented oils which can also be found online cheaply from suppliers like
  • “Pitch” incense sticks sold anywhere they sell incense, usually where people buy their charcoal starter packs. They should cost no more than about 50 cents per pack of ten pitch sticks ($0.50). The next cheapest alternative is to use a 50-pack of incense cones.


  • Decide how many candles you want and how big they’ll be.

This will determine the size molds or containers that are needed for pressing all the wax into one container.

Molds can cost anywhere from $16 – $20 per pack depending on what type you buy so this may not be an option if it’s just a small project unless it might sell well later.

You could also try using things like empty glass jars but they won’t have as neat a finished look. Once these two decisions are made then gather together all of your materials such as a pot, water, and salt.

  • Bring the water to a boil
  • Add in about ¼ teaspoon of table salt into the boiling water (this will help remove any unwanted scents)
  • Put your wax sticks or cones into an old teapot with enough room for them to float on top of the hot liquid without touching each other
  • Once they are floating, you can then add in one-quarter cup of cold tap water at a time until it has melted completely and is starting to bubble around these wax products – this process should take less than ten minutes.
  • If you happen to have some essential oils that correspond with leather such as cedarwood oil just sprinkle ½ teaspoon onto the melting wax every once in a while to provide a more intense scent.
  • Place the teapot in an area where you want your candles to be lit and turn off the stove
  • Allow it to cool for about thirty minutes before taking it out of the pot, they should now have hardened enough so that when lighted will melt quickly and create an even wax pool.


To prevent drips or other messy accidents make sure all materials are placed inside some type of heatproof container like pyrex dish with lids because once these candles start melting down it is difficult if not impossible to stop them from spilling over onto surfaces.

Use leather-scented candle to provide you with an escape from your current surroundings and to bring some calm into your hectic day