Are Scented Candles Toxic To Cats? Find Out Here!

If you have ever owned a cat, you know that felines are notoriously finicky about smells. Cats can detect odors in parts-per-billion, compared to the more than 10,000 different scents we humans can detect.

An awful lot of people use candles in their homes, and more and more of them are using scented candles as well. The latter is said to be the most popular type of candle nowadays.

The problem with scented candles is that the scent is released into air, and then reaches to our cat’s nose as well.

Of course, the importance of odors is especially important for welcome guests, so it’s no surprise that some scents can make cats want to run for the hills.

Most experts believe that the chemicals causing cats to puke after inhaling the scent of a scented candle are not present in large quantities, since cats are thought to be more sensitive to such chemicals than humans are.

But, the experts are divided on the issue, since some believe that cats have a decreased ability to metabolize endocrine disruptors, while others believe that it is a myth.

The substance that gives scents its fragrance is a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients, although the exact composition of scented wax is a closely guarded secret, and the formula of candles can vary from brand to brand.

Some brands use large amounts of synthetic fragrance to boost the scent, while others choose to use natural oils and waxes to achieve a more subtle and natural scent.

Whatever the reason for the blend, the end result is a well-balanced aroma that can be enjoyed by humans, pets, and birds.

Scents That Could Be Harmful To Your Pets

There are thousands of scents that are harmful to pets. Some of them may make your cat sick or even kill them.

However, there are also many scents that are safe to be used around them. Learn the difference and make the right choice for your pets.

There is a large number of candle scents that could be hazardous to your pets. The most common are paraffin wax and soy candles which emit toxins.

Fragrances containing phthalates found in some scents, nepetalactone found in some scents, and other respiratory toxins are also commonly found in candle products.

Many cat lovers think that candles are bad for cats, but the truth is that it’s the other way around – scents can cause your cat to become agitated and nervous.

Some of the scents that cause cats to react include:

  • Eucalyptus,
  • Jasmine,
  • Lavender.
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit

These scents can be very powerful and cause your cat to sneeze, cough, and even lose their balance.

The danger of Cats and Scented Candles

According to the ASPCA, over 80 percent of U.S. households own at least one candle. Because the burnt wick won’t spread its fragrance throughout the home, the majority are designed to be used within a certain time interval, making them ideal for use in the bathroom or bedroom.

Unfortunately, candles are also attractive to animals and, just like humans, they can become sick and even die if they ingest the wax or meltable coloring used in the manufacturing process.

The most alarming of the numerous candle-related illnesses include:

Safe Candles and Plugins

Many people have a love-hate relationship with candles. They can create a warm atmosphere, but they can also be the source of many technical problems. Here are some things you should know about candle safety.

There’s a growing trend towards using natural or hand-made candles in your home – and that’s great! They add a beautiful touch to many rooms, and they smell amazing.

But there’s also a growing trend to use candles made with unsafe ingredients. Some of the ingredients used are paraffin, which is extracted from fossil fuel; and beeswax, which is made by killing bees.

Safe candles are candles with no paraffin wax in their core. This means that you can place them on a table (without worrying about them falling over) and enjoy looking at them without worrying about the potential fire hazard.

Safe Plugins, such as the one with the red sticker, are little bulbs that are safe with cats and dogs.

There is also an LED candle that is the safest of all.

So many of us love candlelight, and one of the top reasons is that they are perfect for setting the mood for special occasions, so it’s important to get to know the different types of candles available, and how to use them.

Cats are attracted to scents. Both their own and the scents of their environment. Some scents are more attractive to cats than others. It is important that you research and choose candles that will not cause health problems for your pets. 

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