How To Make A Bleach Scented Candle? Here’s Our Guide!

If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY project, then this bleach-scented candle is perfect for you! All it takes is a few supplies that can be found in your local craft store.

The best part about these candles is how inexpensive they are to make.

In the blog post, we will discuss how to make one from start to finish, as well as how much money they cost per candle.

What is a bleach scented candle?

A bleach scented candle is simply a normal candle with household cleaner mixed into the wax. The best type of cleaner to use for this purpose is dish soap, but any kind will work.

Dish soap can be found in most grocery stores and costs around $0.50 per bottle.

It’s recommended that you only mix about one tablespoon of liquid dish soap (or other detergents) into three cups of melted wax so as not to overwhelm the smell or ruin your candle holder.

The ingredients needed are:

  • A regular tea light wickless votive glass jar
  • One cup soy-based paraffin wax flakes (colored if desired)
  • Two tablespoons vegetable oil *optional
  • fragrant oils can also be added
  • One small container of bleach


  1. Mix the paraffin wax flakes and vegetable oil together in a bowl
  2. Place the mixture into a glass jar on top of an electric stove
  3. Turn up to low heat, but do not turn it too high as this could cause the container to crack or break. Melt slowly so that bubbles don’t form inside. Stir occasionally until melted all the way through (this will take about 20 minutes)
  4. When done, pour out any excess liquid onto the newspaper outside or in the sink. The leftover solid should be slightly cooled down from heating but still soft enough for stirring when needed without breaking apart easily which means you can move around freely with your spoon – if not return back to the stove briefly while stirring frequently.
  5. Place the wick inside a small glass cup or container. Spoon in wax mixture until it’s about two thirds full
  6. Add desired scents and colors to the liquid soap and stir well, then pour into the candle jar; this will add fragrance to your room for weeks!

Do not mix too much at one time in case it spills over and becomes dangerous or impossible for you to clean.

Is bleach safe to use in Candles?

Yes, bleach can be used to make candles. We use a mixture of water and chlorine as the base for our candle making because it provides an excellent fragrance when mixed with wax.

We recommend using a large container to mix the bleach and water, followed by pouring into smaller containers to use as molds. This way you can reuse your molds instead of wasting time mixing up new ones each time.

Why you will love bleach scented candles?

Bleach scented candles can be a great alternative to traditional scents. It’s chemical-free and many people find the scent pleasant.

The candle is also safe around children and pets, so it is perfect for houses with kids or animals that are easily distracted by smells like food cooking in the kitchen or perfume on the dresser.

Bleach scented candles are very simple to make and there is a variety of ways you can make them. One way is by using the essential oils that come in bottles found at natural food stores or home improvement centers, but if you don’t want any foreign chemicals near your candle then this might not be for you.

Another option is to mix up some water with white vinegar which will give it a bleach scent while still being chemical-free.

You may also just add lemon juice from lemons that are peeled in order to get more of the citrus smell.

Bleach scented candles are an interesting new trend that’s been popping up on the internet. People seem to be really enjoying these odd smells, but there is a downside to them as well. 

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