How To Make Leather Scented Candles? Learn Here!

Do you love candles? how about the smell of leather? Do you love both? But, how do you make a leather-scented candle?

This blog post will teach you how to make leather-scented candles.

Leather is a popular scent for candles, and there are many ways to achieve this fragrance. We’ll explore the easiest way that doesn’t require any expensive ingredients or equipment!

What is a Leather scented candle?

A leather scented candle is a type of novelty candle that typically has the strong and earthy smell of fresh, new, or lightly worn leather.

They are often used to evoke memories from days when people would bring in their saddles for repair at your local saddle maker’s shop.

The scent can also be said to invoke images of cowboys riding off into the sunset on horseback with their chaps still smelling like freshly tanned hides.

What you will need:

  • A container to melt the wax in
  • Wax of any color but preferably black or brown
  • Beeswax pellets, chunks, flakes, or pastilles (not liquid) – these can be found at most craft stores for less than $20.00 and are a better quality product that’s easier to work with
  • Some types of fragrance oil such as leather scented oils which can also be found online cheaply from suppliers like
  • “Pitch” incense sticks sold anywhere they sell incense, usually where people buy their charcoal starter packs. They should cost no more than about 50 cents per pack of ten pitch sticks ($0.50). The next cheapest alternative is to use a 50-pack of incense cones.


  • Decide how many candles you want and how big they’ll be.

This will determine the size molds or containers that are needed for pressing all the wax into one container.

Molds can cost anywhere from $16 – $20 per pack depending on what type you buy so this may not be an option if it’s just a small project unless it might sell well later.

You could also try using things like empty glass jars but they won’t have as neat a finished look. Once these two decisions are made then gather together all of your materials such as a pot, water, and salt.

  • Bring the water to a boil
  • Add in about ¼ teaspoon of table salt into the boiling water (this will help remove any unwanted scents)
  • Put your wax sticks or cones into an old teapot with enough room for them to float on top of the hot liquid without touching each other
  • Once they are floating, you can then add in one-quarter cup of cold tap water at a time until it has melted completely and is starting to bubble around these wax products – this process should take less than ten minutes.
  • If you happen to have some essential oils that correspond with leather such as cedarwood oil just sprinkle ½ teaspoon onto the melting wax every once in a while to provide a more intense scent.
  • Place the teapot in an area where you want your candles to be lit and turn off the stove
  • Allow it to cool for about thirty minutes before taking it out of the pot, they should now have hardened enough so that when lighted will melt quickly and create an even wax pool.


To prevent drips or other messy accidents make sure all materials are placed inside some type of heatproof container like pyrex dish with lids because once these candles start melting down it is difficult if not impossible to stop them from spilling over onto surfaces.

Use leather-scented candle to provide you with an escape from your current surroundings and to bring some calm into your hectic day

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