How To Make Scented Olive Oil Candles? Learn Here

Making scented olive oil candles is a great way to make your home smell wonderful and give it an inviting vibe.

For a clean, relaxing scent that will keep your house smelling fresh and inviting all day long, try the olive oil-scented candle.

This natural soy wax candle is infused with pure olive oil to create an earthy yet floral aroma.

Whether you’re looking for something to fill up a larger room or just want to enjoy the calming fragrance in smaller spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms

These homemade candles are perfect for gifts, as well!

In this blog post you will learn how to make scented olive oil candles with three different methods: using a candle warmer, using a votive holder, or making them in jars.

So get ready to mix up some of these DIYs and show off your new skills!

What is Olive Oil Scented Candle?

It is a candle made from olive oil in which scent has been added. Olive oils are usually used as the base for candles because they burn longer and more cleanly than other types of oils such as soy or safflower.

A scented candle works by using scents to produce pleasant smells, often with fragrances that match a type of mood like happiness, relaxation, love etcetera.

The scents can be natural essential oils extracted through steam distillation or simple fragrance compounds produced synthetically in factories.

They work similarly to how air fresheners do but on a larger scale indoors since they release their smell into the environment instead of just being confined within small spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

What you will need for olive oil scented candle

  • olive oil
  • wax flakes or paraffin wax
  • flavor oils (citrus, lavender)
  • glass jars with lids for the final product.
  • a double boiler or saucepan with a pot on the bottom,
  • and a glass bowl over top.


  1. On medium heat in the middle of your pan add all ingredients for wax flakes (or paraffin if you want to make it the old fashioned way).
  2. Stir occasionally until melted for about 15 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat.
  4. Pour into jars while still hot then allow to cool before putting lids on them so they don’t crack.
  5. Place candles in an area that is safe for open flames such as outside or near windows where there are no curtains nearby that could catch fire due to heat radiation from candle flame.
  6. Turn the jar upside down after letting it set up overnight so oil can pool at the bottom of jar.
  7. Pour olive oil into jar until it’s about three-quarters of the way full.
  8. Add your favorite essential oils to desired strength and pour a little more olive oil on top just like you would with filling up a bottle of liquid soap.

What type of container is best for storing homemade candles?

Storing homemade candles can be tricky, and there are many different opinions on how to do it best.

It is common for people to use mason jars or glass vases that they have saved from other purposes.

But if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to store your scented olive oil candles, here’s what we recommend:

Buy some inexpensive baby food jars at the grocery store (or make these yourself). Make sure they are wide mouths so you can easily pour in and out of them. These come with lids which also work great as a top cover when storing away your finished jar candles!

How long do olive oil candles last?

Olive oil candles can last anywhere from a few days to nearly 100 years

The time that an olive oil candle lasts depends on how often it is lit, and whether or not they are exposed to direct sunlight

Olive oil is not a short-burning candle, and can last for an average of about 45 hours.

The scent may be lessened after some time due to the heat from the flame.

Additional tips:

  • The most important thing about making scented olive oil candles is the scent since that’s what people associate with them.

So choose your favorite fragrance or makeup one of your own if it isn’t available by using an appropriate part from this list:

  • calendula flowers,
  • cinnamon sticks,
  • citrus peels (orange and lemon),
  • lavender flowers,
  • lilac blossoms,
  • rose petals.

You can also add these oils in order to achieve different fragrances:

  • anise seed,
  • bay leaves,
  • clove buds,
  • coriander seeds.

Olive Oil candles are not meant to be left burning continuously; they need some time off after being lit too long

  • Check out candle making kits that have all the materials required for you
  • Olive oil candles are a great way to add scents and light into your home without using any harmful chemicals, and they make perfect gifts too!
  • Leaving the candle lit for too long can cause it to melt or burn unevenly and also that you should check out some kits which have all of the necessary materials in them so you don’t need anything else – this is a great way to save time when wanting to create your own homemade present!
  • Olive oil candles are not meant solely as decoration pieces; they’re perfect for adding light and scent into any room without using chemicals such as paraffin wax. These kinds of candles are also great ideas for gifts because people will appreciate these things more than flowers everytime!

If you’ve been looking for a candle that smells like olive oil, this article is perfect for you! Olive Oil scented candles are trending right now as they create an aroma that soothes your senses while also filling up any room with warmth and comfort.

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