How To Make Scented Candles Without Essential Oils?

Have you ever wanted to make your own scented candles but have no idea how to start? You’re in the right place! Making your own scented candles is a hobby that doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can be made without the use of essential oils.

The first thing you need to do is pick out the type of wax you want to use. The most popular types include paraffin, soy wax and beeswax.

Paraffin wax is inexpensive and can be found most places but this one is cheap and can be dangerous to your health, so be aware of it.

Soy wax is great for making candles but should be used in a well ventilated area as it can cause the fumes to cause breathing difficulties. Beeswax is a natural wax found in the hive of bees.

Candles are a fantastic thing to have around your home; they add a special glow to your living space, give the room a warm ambiance, and make the place look nicer.

They’re also very easy to use, and you probably already own a few of those little jars of wax that you use on a regular basis so why not make them more of a central part of your home?

If you’re looking for a unique way to use those candles in your home, there are several ways you can go about it.

Tools needed

Making a candle at home is a fairly complex process that requires a number of different tools. I have found that the following tools are essential for making a candle:

Double-ended blowtorch (both ends must be at the same temperature). Soldering Iron Round nosed pliers or vice versa Hot plate Candle making.

The process.

The first thing you need is a container suitable for pouring melted wax into. Something made of glass (so it doesn’t shatter) with a wide lip is ideal, but you can use an old vase or even a cardboard box if you wish.

To melt the wax, you need to heat the double-ended torch to approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit (with a thermometer).

What are the benefits of using scented candles?

When I was a kid, I always loved the smell of candles. I don’t know why, but the smell of a burning candle just felt so calming, so cozy.

As I got older, I came to realize that candles can be a great source of ambiance in any room, and were even an excellent source of mood-lifting aroma.

Scented candles are a common decorative item in homes and offices. Some are on display and serve as a source of light, while others are used to enjoy the scent of scented wax.

These are used for holidays or religious ceremonies and to create a festive atmosphere. While scented candles may take a while to dry, they are generally safe to use.

Can you use perfume to scent candles?

It seems like we all have a bottle of perfume in our home that we use in our everyday life. Some of you even use it for candles, right? But, can you use perfume to scent candles?

Some people like to smell the scent of a particular perfume when they are around a particular candle. However, there is a debate on whether or not you can smell the scent of your perfume from within the candle.

Some people think you can, whilst others claim you can’t, however, as with most things, there are arguments on both sides.

You can use a perfume to brighten up your candles. Instead of leaving your candles smelling like perfume, you can simply add the perfume to the wax. This is a great way to add an extra level of fragrance to your candles.

DIY essential oil candles

Making your own candles is a great way to save money and get the look you want for your home. You can use any clear glass jar with a lid, but if you want to get really fancy, you can use a blown glass jar.

Other than that, all you need are some candles. There are many ways you can make your candles, but I have found making them with essential oils to be one of the best options.

When it comes to making a DIY candle, you will want to ensure that the wax is completely melted before adding the fragrance.

To melt the wax, either use a double boiler, or place the wax in a microwave-safe bowl, place it on a microwave-safe tray, and heat it on full power for about 2 minutes (you can double this if necessary).

While the wax is in the microwave, pour your fragrance into the melted wax, and allow to set for about 5 minutes.

Other tips to consider, for DIY candles:

  • Choose a slow-burning wax.

Soy wax

Soy wax is a new material being used to replace the real wax that is traditionally used in candles. It has many advantages over traditional wax, including its natural non-toxic properties and ability to burn longer and hotter.

Bee wax

Beeswax is the most common, and it’s the one that most people are probably familiar with. However, waxes derived from animals in the class Mammalia, such as deer wax, have a different composition and tend to burn more slowly.

The main ingredient in beeswax is a substance called esterified hydrocarbon which gives it it’s long shelf life and is responsible for its melting point.

It’s so hard to get the appropriate amount of the esterified hydrocarbon in beeswax that you’re probably better off using candle making wax.

  • Choose a hot-burning wick.

Wicks are the mechanism that come in contact with the wax, and they are what we need to keep a candle burning at their optimal temperature. When choosing a wick, find one that matches your preference in burn time and appearance.

  • Pick strong essential oils.

First off, it’s important to note that different essential oils have different properties. Some are strong and powerful, while others are gentle and pleasant. It’s also important to consider what type of oil you’re using.

  • Base Note essential oils

Base Note is one of the leading aromatherapists and skin care specialists in the UK and is well-known for its base note essential oils, which are a combination of the oils that give your skin its natural scent.

They are a great alternative to some of the more traditional beauty products such as perfume or deodorant.

Base note oils are created using an ancient method of distillation called cold process, which involves the use of a combination of water, alcohol, and a base note essential oil.

  • Middle note essential oils

Middle smells are among the most common, but many people don’t know what they are. If you’ve ever wondered what the smell of a rose is or the scent of pine, you’ve either had a middle note moment or you’re not alone.

Middle note essential oils are some of the most unique and exotic oils in the world.

This is because they are made from the essences of plants and trees that are found at the intersection of the worlds of both our spiritual and physical worlds – the place where the worlds of the plant and the human merge.

  • Top note essential oils

Top note essential oils are oils that contain the most volatile aroma compounds. In aromatherapy, top notes are used to stimulate and uplift the mind and spirit.

Top note oils are generally uplifting and high-energy, and often are used to invigorate and energize the mind and body, alleviating fatigue and bringing mental clarity.

Top note essential oils are the ones that are most prominent in a blend and have the strongest aroma. They are also the most expensive.

They are chosen as the more expensive ones are able to mask the stronger smells the cheaper oils release.

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