Why Does Candle Flame Flickers? Here’s Our Answer!

Getting a candle lit is an exciting moment, and the next step is to watch the flame flicker as you hold it. However, when you think about it, it’s actually quite strange and it doesn’t make much sense.

Candle flame flickers are an often ignored phenomenon. While it is a common occurrence in all candles and most other objects, it is also quite common for people to ignore it.

When you light a candle and let it burn for a while, you’ll notice that it starts with a small flame, then sometimes it becomes a bigger one, and then it fades away.

It depends on the size of the wick, how the candle burns, and so on. Candle flame flickering is a tell-tale sign of health.

When a candle is burning well, its flame flicks back and forth between the hottest and coolest points on the flame, as the wax moves in and out of the flame.

If a candle flame is flickering and not moving in and out of the flame, then it is not burning well.

Causes of candle flickering

Candles have been used for ages to create a warm ambience in the home, and are still widely used today. The main purpose of a candle is to create a soft, pleasant glow in a room, with the wax itself as the main source of light.

When the wax burns down, it is the wick that is left to provide the main source of light, which is why we often refer to the wick as the candle’s flame. 

The key to understanding how the candles functions and how different parts of it interact is to know how all the pieces work together.

What causes a candle to behave like this? And if it’s not normal, why do flames keep flickering? Read on so we can show you the reason why candle is flickering.

The wick is too large

They say that there is a fine line between a full blown candle and a wick that is far too large. The wick needs to be just the right size to allow the wax in the candle to burn evenly.

If the wick is too large, the wax will pool at the base of the candle, causing it to flicker and cause a foul odor.

If the wick is too small, it will cause the wax at the bottom to burn too fast, which in turn can cause the candle to tip over and break.

Too much air

Candle flickering is a common problem for candles. At times, it may be caused due to a number of reasons, such as being stored in a cold area, being kept close to heat, or simply being too far away from the wall in which it is placed.

Most flickering candles are caused by heat energy that is escaping the candle and bouncing around the room through an inefficient wick.

The candle burns quicker

The candle burn faster is one of the many causes of candle flickering. Candle flickering is when the flame of the candle flickers and goes out.

There are many causes wax can be loose and doesn’t hold the wick as tight as it should. The candle burns quicker as if it was fleeting, the candle burns quicker as if it was fleeting

Ways to keep candles from flickering

One of the most irritating things about a flickering candle is that you can’t tell if it’s about to go out or not. Candles are one of the oldest ways to light a fire, but all too often they are used in ways that are totally counterproductive.

When you light a candle, it burns at a steady rate until the candle is done burning. If something is causing the candle to flicker, the flame may jump and cause the candle to burn faster.

There are a few different ways to keep a candle from flickering, and they are all fairly simple.

  • Trim the wicks

Many of us have experienced the unpleasant experience of a flickering candle, when the wicks get too long and the flame flickers.

While most of us don’t replace the wicks, it is generally more cost effective to replace the wick itself, than to replace the entire candle.

So how do you know when to trim the wicks? Most commonly, you can do it when the candle is about half-way down the wick. This keeps the wax flow off the wick and helps your candle burn for longer.

  • Relocate the candle

If you have some candles that keep flickering, you may want to try moving the candle out from under the trim of the table or other surface, to keep the candle burning.

You may not see the candle flickering, but you can feel it. The trick, then, is to find a way to keep the flame from moving.

  • Clean the candle before burning

Candles are available in many shapes and sizes, and often come in a variety of scents. Though many candles are designed to burn for a very long time, they are also prone to flickering, which can be a reason to remove the candle and store it in a safe place.

Flickering can occur if the fuel source for the flame is not clean enough, and a dirty candle can flare up or leak wax.

Is a flickering candle dangerous?

A flickering candle can flicker and breathe and burn and give off heat and light, and then it can fade out and die. Is it dangerous? Or is it a beautiful symphony in the night?

The last decade has seen a resurgence in candle sales, as people have become more attracted to the low-light and mood-enhancing effects of a crackling flame.

Yet, as you would expect, there are certain hazards to be aware of. If you burn a candle, you must make sure that it is the right size and that the surface of the flame is not too hot.

Also, never leave the candle unattended. When the time comes to extinguish the flame, do not hold the wick or move the candle too close to you.

Flickering candles can be incredibly dangerous, whether you are a child, or an adult.

Flickering candles are a major hazard in the home, and the fact that they can be so easily blown out or simply disappear entirely is alarming.

But, it is not necessarily a hazard that can be predicted, and it is important to prepare for any eventuality.

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